There are unique needs for different businesses. Find a plan that works for you.

We are dedicated to helping companies expand their logistics and distribution channels at the most reasonable prices. Calculate your projected spending by following these 5 easy steps.

e-commerce Fulfillment


Get a pricing estimate based on the product weight.

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Item Weight
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First Item Pick Fee Per
${{ curPriceItem.price }}
Additional Items Per Order
${{ curPriceItem.additionalPrice }}
Promotional Inserts
${{ promotionPrice }}

*Speak to us and get custom pricing for the item weight exceeded 150lbs.


Assess how much storage space you will need.

Assigned SKUs to storage locations based on size, number, and turnover rate is how our storage and inventory system has been intelligently built. You'll incur less expense as a result. Each sku has its own fixed storage location to facilitate accurate picking


$35 / month



$50 / month



Check the free features that come with our services.

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Estimate a one-time cost

Why spend money on extra services you won't use? With our cutting-edge execution strategy, you only pay for the services you actually use. But if you require additional assistance, our highly qualified executive staff will assist you with all of your needs, including

Special Projects

$45/ man- hour

The most common "other" expense we see is special projects. This includes inventory taking, repackaging products, quality inspections, product bagging, or any other common task that is not part of your plan.

Container Unloading

$380 per 40’ container

If your cargo is loose in a container and we need to unload and palletize it for you, you will be charged according to the size of the container.

Minimum Pick and Pack Fee


Although we are willing to work with clients of any size, there is a fee involved in maintaining each account on our platform and providing the service we offer. We have a little monthly pick fee as a result. Starting at $250 per month, it equals your storage costs. If your pick-up and delivery fees fall short of the required amount, the difference will be charged.

Packaging Supplies

$0.20 - $4.00

We have trays, bubble bags, clear plastic bags, white plastic bags, and more than 50 different types of shipping boxes. If we don't already have the appropriate packaging for your goods, we can order it on your behalf.