Inventory, Orders, Shipping and Billing System

We have established an easy-to-use software system for all customers. The intelligent allocation algorithm of our system can help you know about Inventory information more effectively, make shipping decisions, and improve your sales.


After registration, you can start your shipment management in a few simple steps. All the process steps have been iteratively designed and refined to bring you the most convenient experience.

Intelligent Algorithm

The system provides you with the optimal solution for the delivery through the intelligent algorithm, taking account of your delivery timeliness, inventory, and sales information at the same time, and provides you with the fastest and most convenient delivery service.

Information Integration

Integrate the information in the shipping process, so that you can have real-time awareness of the warehouse inventory, the outbound status, and the progress of fulfillment in the warehouse. Through our reports, you can further know about the sales of your products or whether the storage is sufficient.

Various Integration or Abundant Integration

Through the Integration with various mainstream e-commerce platforms and ERP systems in the market, we can greatly simplify your shipping process. You can even ship all current orders with one click, and these orders will be shipped according to the optimal delivery service.

Software features

Inventory Management

Order Management

Shipment Tracing

Smart Shipping Rules

Returns Management

Shipment management

Automatic Billing

ERP Integration

Inventory Report