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1. How is the storage fee calculated in the billing statement?

  • The storage fee will be calculated on the day the products are received in the warehouse, and the system will automatically settle the storage fee at 12:00 a.m. after the products are shipped out on the same day. 
  • The receiving time of each regular inventory batch will be separately recorded and charged according to the rate of different Inventory Ages.

2. How to settle bills?

All of your charges at ShipA2Z are “Instant Charges”. That is, the corresponding charges are deducted from your account balance as they are incurred. The invoices will be sent to you via email regularly each month, and the charge details can be viewed in the OMS system: Billings>Invoice.

If you have any questions about the bills, please provide feedback within three working days of receiving the invoice in the WeChat group or email hello@shipa2z.com, and our customer service will promptly check and answer your questions. The invoice will be settled, and no further dispute for the invoice will be accepted subsequently if there is no feedback.

3. Why do storage charges increase when there is no change in storage volume?

If the products are received on different dates, then they have different inventory ages, and the storage rate will increase with the age of the inventory, so when the inventory age of the product increases to the next rate stage, the storage fee will change while the total warehouse inventory volume remains the same.