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1. What is OMS? Do I have to register, and is there any additional charge for using OMS?

OMS is a free order management system designed specifically for you by ShipA2Z. You can register your dedicated account and complete order synchronization, distribution, and fulfillment through the integration of the OMS system with other e-commerce shopping carts or e-commerce stores. The process of order fulfillment, changes in inventory information, and transaction details can all be viewed. Make your fulfillment more convenient and save time.

2. Is the integration of OMS with other e-commerce stores or e-commerce shopping carts free of charge?

Yes, it is free of charge. However, only integration with existing e-commerce stores or e-commerce shopping carts within the system is supported.

3. Is there a price chart for my business situation?

Every business is different, so we will provide you with a customized and personalized fulfillment service. Please contact a professional fulfillment specialist to help you estimate a price. Please prepare the following information in advance.

Type of fulfillment business requested.

  • Product
  • Number of SKU types
  • Product weight dimensions
  • Monthly inbound product volume
  • Average daily order volume (parcel fulfillment)
  • Average monthly storage volume (freight shipments)
  • Whether products can be stored in a stack
  • Selling platform/channel
  • Product sales links
  • With or without batteries
  • Whether ShipA2Z logistics services are required
  • Other requirements Remarks


4. What is the cooperation process with ShipA2Z?

Step1: We will arrange a dedicated fulfillment specialist who will work with you to determine the fulfillment service for your business and the price of the service and confirm with you your business details, including:

  • The specific location of the required fulfillment warehouse, the specific fulfillment service, and if there are any other special requirements.
  • Determine the goods to be shipped, the volume, and the arrival time, and confirm with you about the warehouse receiving program.

Step 2: You are required to register a particular OMS account with ShipA2Z. Customer service will guide you through system setup and complete training for your fulfillment operations. Your fulfillment specialist will explain cooperation precautions to you.

Step 3: After completing the precharge in the system, you can submit the inbound planning order.

Step 4: The warehouse receives the goods, count and organizes them, and then puts them away.

Step 5: After the inventory is updated, you can submit outbound orders in the system, and the warehouse will fulfill the orders according to your business requirement.

Step 6: Expenses are generated in real-time with fulfillment operations and will be settled according to a fixed billing period.

5. Where is your warehouse? How many overseas warehouses do you have across the US?

Our warehouses are located in the western, central, and eastern parts of the United States; There are more than ten warehouses in total throughout the United States.


6. Does ShipA2Z provide the carrier account, have its own LTL channel, and accept Amazon’s pick-up?

We have great shipping rates to help you improve your competitiveness in the e-commerce space. We also offer TLT shipments. Amazon pickup is supported.

7. How to deal with the situation if the logistics tracking information has not been updated for a long time??

Generally, the status “shipped” means that the carrier has already picked up the package. The logistics tracking information is subject to the carrier’s official website update.

If it is peak season, it may take about two weeks to update tracking information online.

If no logistics information is updated for a long time, we will require warehouse colleagues to check why there is no logistics tracking information first.

If you need to arrange for re-sending, and the previous order is updated after re-sending is arranged, then all the operating and logistics costs will be borne by the customer. On the opposite, we will compensate according to the situation, with a deductible of three thousandths. The operation fee, product fee, and shipping fee of the replacement will be borne by us.

8. Do you support fulfillment before I pay?

At present, all fees need to be pre-recharged. The first recharge amount can not be less than $500.  Please arrange recharge to ensure sufficient account balance before the warehouse fulfillment. If the balance is insufficient, the warehouse will suspend the order fulfillment, and the order delay/economic loss caused shall be borne by the customer.


9. Do I need to reserve with the warehouse for container delivery?

Yes, please inform customer service two days before the delivery. The warehouse needs to arrange the unloading port, unloading staff, and related matters in advance.


10. Are there specific product labeling and box marking requirements for our products before shipping? Is there any extra charge if I don’t comply with the requirements?

  • Please submit an inbound order in the ShipA2Z system before shipping.  The warehouse has the right to refuse the shipment or charge $100/order for system operation if the shipment is not forecasted.
  • Please affix the labels of products and boxes as required. If the warehouse receives products without ShipA2Z carton labels, or if the carton labels are not recognizable, the warehouse needs to count the products manually, affecting the receiving efficiency. The warehouse will charge a fee of $1/pkg for abnormal handling.

11. What information do you need for customs clearance?

  • Power of Attorney (AGT Power of Attorney) POA sample
  • ISF documents
  • Commercial Invoice
  • Bill of Lading (BOL)