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Logistics Related

1. Why are the base rate and additional charges inconsistent with the quotation?

We will set the billing rules in the system according to the quotation you agreed with, but the carrier will charge according to the actual weight and size of the parcel during transportation. If you have further questions, we will help you to confirm again.


2. Which of your warehouses can fulfill international orders? Is there a weight limit for packages?

All of our warehouses can fulfill international orders; The weight of a single parcel cannot exceed 150lb.


3. I already paid the shipping fee when I submitted the outbound order. Why will I be charged an additional shipping fee?

When submitting an outbound order, the fee is the estimated rate based on the product size and weight information you fill in, not the final cost. The carrier will weigh and measure the parcel again during the transportation, and if the actual weight is higher than the filled-in weight, then the additional charge will be incurred and needs to be paid.


4. What services are included in your shipping service?

By default, our logistics include UPS Ground, FedEx Ground, FedEx Home Delivery, and FedEx International services.


5. Can I use different logistics services for different SKUs?

Yes, you can contact customer service to set up specific rules.