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Fulfillment Related

1. Will the warehouse count the quantity and measure the size and weight of the products after the cargo arrives?

The warehouse will only count the number of boxes if there is no special request to open the boxes.

For new products received for the first time, a few products will be measured randomly to see if their dimensions and weight are the same as the submitted information in the system, and will not conduct all measurements.

2. If I submit an order today, when can the order be fulfilled?

The small packages will be shipped within 24 hrs after the outbound order is submitted. Orders submitted on weekends and holidays will be postponed to the next business day.

If the order is submitted before 12:00 pm (local time of the warehouse), it can be processed on the same day, and orders submitted after 12:00 pm need to be processed on the next day.


3. Does your warehouse have its own LTL shipping service? What is the delivery time? If my order needs to be palletized and shipped, do I need to wait for a full truckload to be shipped?

We have our trucks and cooperative truck companies. Usually, we can arrange pickup and delivery the day after the order is submitted, but the warehouse’s trucks need to be palletized with other customers’ shipments, which requires waiting.

4. After receiving the cargo, when can the inventory be updated, and when can I submit an outbound order?

Different warehouses have operation times, generally 2-3 working days to update inventory. Once the inventory is updated, you can submit the order. 

5. How long does it take for your warehouse to prepare for freight orders? 

Generally, the warehouse can finish the preparation of products for freight orders within 48hrs on working days. 


6. Should I choose LTL shipment or express delivery for freight outbound? 

It is recommended to select according to the final preparation of the shipment and then compare the price based on the quantity and weight of boxes and pallets.